What is Care Factor?

Do you use care factor in your hair and beauty salon?

Care factor is a great way for monitoring home care sales in your hair and beauty salon.

We ensure care factor is available on both the salon and team dashboards on Salon iQ. 

How is care factor calculated?

You have 10 guests in your salon and 5 purchased home care on their visit, this would equal a 50% care factor.

If 1 our of 10 guests purchased home care you would have a care factor of 10%.

It focuses on the number of guests that purchase home care – not the number of products sold. 

What is the average care factor for hair and beauty salons?

Care factor is sitting at an average of 8.1% for 2019 so far.

2018 the care factor was sitting at around 8.5%

How can I increase my care factor?