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Keep Connected With Your Salon Clients

3rd April 2020 | By samsaloniq

Whilst you’ve got so much free time on your hands, there’s never been a better time to stay connected with your clients. Being there for them during this time will only strengthen their loyalty to you which, after this pandemic is over, you will need more than ever to recoup the earnings you have missed […]

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Gift Card Sales On Your Website

23rd March 2020 | By samsaloniq

Our team here have noticed salons wanting to setup gift cards for clients to purchase from their website while the Salon is closed. Which is a great idea, clients can pre-pay fo their future appointments, they can purchase the gift cards as birthday and anniversary presents, or to send a thank you.  We have put […]

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2020 Mothers Day Gifts

18th March 2020 | By samsaloniq

A slightly different take on Mothers Day this year, so lets keep it positive, keep the normality and focus on the good we can bring to our salons. Adding reassurance to your clients is our focus, send an Email or SMS blast on the hygiene measures you have taken in your salon. You could even […]

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SMS examples to reassure your clients

16th March 2020 | By samsaloniq

Cancellations are inevitable right now, however it is important to reassure your clients and keep them up to date with the actions you are taking in the salon through this time to keep business as normal as possible.  If you haven’t don’t a blog post for your website already and popped a note on your […]

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Be One Step Ahead of Covid-19

16th March 2020 | By samsaloniq

When times were already a bit of a struggle for some of us a global epidemic is not something we really needed, however it’s what we are all currently facing so lets grab it with both hands and ride through the storm together.  Be one step ahead; 1. Speak to your landlord, advise them of […]

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Coronavirus and Your Salon

13th March 2020 | By samsaloniq

At the beginning of 2020 I’m sure none of us were expecting a global virus to take hold and rule the media headlines. Without creating panic and keeping our salon business’ running as normal as possible, it is still important to address the matter in your salon.  Will this affect your salon business? Yes to […]

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What to do when a stylist leaves your salon?

14th February 2020 | By samsaloniq

What to do when your stylist / therapist leaves your salon? We can go through a whole range of emotions when one of your team member leaves. Even more so if they are one of our top stylists/therapists. We’ve all been there it’s knowing the best way to handle the situation and make it a […]

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Take control of your stock

3rd February 2020 | By samsaloniq

Keeping your stock up to date in your hair and beauty salon is SO IMPORTANT. There are a number of tools and techniques you have available at your fingertips using SalonIQ from reports to Apps and easy to use guides.  Want to update product prices in bulk? No problem, on the Hub this is easy with […]

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Emoji’s Now Available On SalonIQ

31st January 2020 | By samsaloniq

Use Emoji’s in your Hair and Beauty Salon Yay, the day has arrived…you can now add some colour and more fun by including emoji’s within your SMS Does the cost change when using an emoji? One emoji = 2 characters which is calculated within the balance when typing your text message Where can I use […]

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Feel the love

30th January 2020 | By samsaloniq

So February is just a few days away, ALREADY! The month of love…lets not forget that we don’t have to be in a relationship to celebrate. Sharing time with family, friends and even our beloved furry 4 legged pals can put a big smile on our faces.  There are however other key dates in February […]

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Boost your January

3rd January 2020 | By samsaloniq

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep on saying it… “98% of messages are read with 90% being read within 3 minutes of receiving them” – This statistic proves to be one of the most effective ways of marketing of reaching out to your clients. To give you a helping hand with those gaps you […]

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New Year New Mindset

1st January 2020 | By samsaloniq

Happy New Year to all… So with the New Year now here and another 360+ days ahead, if you haven’t already now is the time to plan your 2020, set your targets and push full steam ahead to achieve them.  Can you remember what goals you set yourself and your salon last year? If you […]

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