SMS examples to reassure your clients


Cancellations are inevitable right now, however it is important to reassure your clients and keep them up to date with the actions you are taking in the salon through this time to keep business as normal as possible. 

If you haven’t don’t a blog post for your website already and popped a note on your social media of the guidelines you have in put into place in your salon then please make this your priority.

Reassuring your clients

When choosing your client selections it is always a good idea to send them to your ‘live clients’ only instead of your whole database. Your live clients are clients who have been to your salon and had an appointment in the last 12 months. 

Please do call our Salon Success Team on 01892 280123 should you need any help at all with the above. 


SMS examples you can use or amend in your salon right now…

“We are still open and ready to look after you – extra measures have been put into place to ensure maximum hygiene in the salon. Call 01234 567890 to book your appointment”

“Business as normal? We are open, call 01234 567890 to make your appointment. We can’t wait to see you”

“We are looking forward to seeing you on 20th March. Please note extra caution has been taken with hygiene so you can enjoy your experience as much as always.”

“We are looking forward to seeing you on 25th March. Please note extra care has been implemented with our team and in the salon.”

“Please note extra hygiene measures have been put into place so we are open for business as usual.”

“We are open an normal, please note extra hygiene measures have been put into place throughout the salon.”

“If you have any symptoms such as a fever or cough, please do let us know to re-schedule your appointment.” 

“Due to Covid-19 we understand caution is being taken, we have put extra measures in place in our salon to protect you and our team. We look forward to seeing you soon!”