Salon Systems and no shows

salon-systemNot all salon software is created equal. The industry hates no shows but their isn’t a simple way to deal with it or is there?
Of course there is and it is simple. Your salon system needs to educate your clients. For example:
  • Client books on line using salon software and secured with a credit card
  • A confirmation email is sent from the salon software to the client explaining there is a late cancellation policy if less than 48 hours notice 50% is taken.
  • The client can also manage their bookings on-line with the salon software
  • 5 days before the appointment another confirmation email is sent explaining the policy.
  • 48 hours before the appointment a text is sent confirming the appointment.
  • You need to encourage the client to use your on-line booking, this will eliminate any hostility that could occur otherwise. If a client does complain, explain why you have the policy, say you will credit it against their next appointment, you know they now won’t do it again.
When a client books over the phone it is often not possible to capture credit card details – on-line clients accept it as a matter of course. Stage 2 is to simultaneously implement it in house the first time someone fails to show up next time they book you politely request credit card for all future bookings.
Salon software needs to work with your salon systems and business. Automating and implementing the correct procedures and salon systems is vital. Step 1. Write up you cancellation policy Step 2, start informing clients at every stage, in as may communications as possible. It is professional. This will be normal behaviour using better and different salon software – Salon Intelligence
This is just one way good salon software can enhance your salon business, and this is just one reason not all salon software systems are created equal.