Salon Marketing

SalonIQ boasts industry leading technology in automatic salon marketing. Once your system is set up, you’ll have a stream of new customers coming through your door without having to put any effort in yourself. Watch as your business grows with SalonIQ’s salon marketing software.


Take your customer experience to the next level. From perfectly crafted welcome emails to booking reminders and “thank you” text messages, your clients will feel loved by your salon and you’ll reap the benefits of loyalty. With SalonIQ, you can gently show your customers why they should use you.


Our “Guest Attraction System” is industry proven to boost the number of customers your salon receives. With a range of client referral suggestions and offers, your clients will market your salon for you, and be rewarded in the process. It works for everbody!


Learn exactly what your customers think of your services so that you can continue to improve and reach more clients. With automated client surveys, you can keep track of how your salon is doing with instant feedback emails direct to your inbox.


Writing marketing emails can be a nightmare for a busy salon owner. That’s why we’ve created a software that automatically manages your email marketing for you. Once it’s set up, you never have to worry about promoting Valentines Deals, Christmas Gifts, or Colour Sales ever again!


The best way to show your love for your repeat customers, is to give them loyalty points that earn them gifts! With our client management system, loyalty points are managed automatically and you can decide exactly what your deserved clients receive.


With all the marketing you’ll be getting from SalonIQ, you’ll never be able to remember all of your new clients’ birthdays. That’s no longer a problem! Our software stores all of your client details and automatically sends a Happy Birthday message – a great way to say thanks.