Salon AI Salon Artificial Intelligence and Salon Machine Learning

The Salon Robots are Coming

Not ones that cut and colour hair, or do beauty services. But they are coming never the less.

SalonAI -Salon Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologies are coming to salon software and SalonIQ are at the fore front of this technology.

Helping fill the  ‘white space’ in Salon with AI and Machine Learning – promising to take  IQ automated marketing to new levels.

• Automatically suggesting Client upgrades based on availability of services, history and predicted /‘likely’ services at time of booking – phone/online and in-salon

• Automatically offering upgrades and cross-sales by email/text 2 days before client visit

• Automatically offering upgrades and ‘likely’ cross sell services at check-in

• Automatically Targeting clients that are due for appointments, not yet booked in and most likely to respond for that day/service available.

• Using Cancellations as an opportunity to notify most ‘likely’ clients of last minute availability

• Automatically Targeting clients that are ‘likely’ candidates for cross-sell promotions

• Using Salon Chatbots and intelligent telephony to engage and track clients.