Ryan Fox Talks Numbers for your Salon Business

Ryan Fox Talks Numbers for your Salon Business

Make Sure You Have The Right Figures In Place For Your Salon Business Using Salon Software

Salon Business in Numbers

Number crunching isn’t everyones area of expertise. However it is such an important element of your business to ensure you are growing your salon steadily. Forecasts and regular analysis will certainly help you to stay on the straight and narrow.

Ryan Fox  – business coach from Umbrella consulting talks about the importance of having the numbers sitting correctly within your salon business.

Ryan has initially broken this down into 3 elements…

  1. Salon Goals
  2. Salon Wages
  3. Pricing Restructure salon as a whole.

It is key to have targets not only set for your hair stylists and beauty therapists but also for your salon business is a whole.

Salon Pricing Structure

It can be tricky to know what pricing level to put stylists at. Many salon owners face the dilemma of having a very loyal stylist working there way up the ladder charging a very high price and being at the top of your salon pricing strucutre. To facing a new stylist who has just as much experience but use to charging more.

The question is what level do you put the new stylist in at? You feel committed to keeping your loyal stylist at the top as they have worked so hard for it, but you don’t want to miss out on such a good stylist charging less than they should for the sake of the other person. Ahhh…what to do!

Salon Wages

There are generally two areas of how wages are calculated and paid for hair stylists and beauty therapists.

  1. Basic plus commission
  2. Basic or commission

Commission is usually calculated either when the hair stylist or beauty therapist reaches their services target. So they will get a percentage of the commission on the total services revenue. Or they will recive a percentage of anyting over their services target. Both methods work, it just depends on what works best for you and your salon business.

Salon Goals – Long Term and Short Term

Salon goals can seem huge when you initially think about them. Ryan explains that for your salon business to be successful you need long term salon goals and short term salon goals.

What are you aiming for? Do you know what your goals are for your salon? Or for you as an individual even?

Many of us have these huge dreams and big goals we want to acheive but often we struggle to reach them. Why? Because they are just too big, we need stepping stones which lead us to hit our bigger goals.

Ryan Fox can help you with all 3 of these areas of your business on a 1-2-1 basis. Remember all Salon iQ clients recieve preferential rates with Ryan.

If you have any further questions you can contact our support team on 01892 280123 or contact Ryan directly ryan@umbrellaconsulting.co.uk or call him on 07702 208 311