Online Bookings are Increasing

Hair and Beauty Salons now taking online bookings

Online bookings are on the rise with a whopping 32% of online bookings being made the your salon is closed. 

Set your top favourites

At SalonIQ we make it easy for you and your clients to find your most popular services. 

In the service setup tick ‘Top favourites’ for your best services, these will then show at the top of the search box online.

What are your top favourites services?

​If you are unsure, run a report on your system to tell you. 

​On Desktop go to Main Menu -> Reports -> Team -> Services -> Ranking

On IQ Hub go to Main Menu -> Reports -> Team -> Team -> Service Ranking

You can search by quantity or value.

Are you worried clients won’t choose a finishing service? OR concerned new colour clients won’t have a skin test?

We’ve covered this for you too with an online questionnaire your clients can go through. If they answer no to certain questions you set they will not be able to continue with their online booking.