iQ TV – Kimberley Levine’s interview on Staff Sickness

Staff sickness can be a real struggle in salons at times. Even more so when it is for longer periods of time or when you are given only 30 minutes notice.

You have to accept that your staff will be off sick from time to time. You firstly need to know why they are off, how long they will be off for and how you will approach and deal with the sickness.

Having a clear policy in place that each of your employees understand and can follow will help keep your salon business running smoothly, it also helps each employee know what is expected of them.

Monitoring staff sickness is also key to ensuring your staff do not start to take too much time off in short periods, it will also help you to notice any possible patterns that may occur.

Sickness can be looked at on each one to one you do, even if they have not had any sickness since the last one to one it shows your employees that you are keeping a close eye on it.

We would love to know about the sickness policies you have in place in your salons. Are there any particular struggles you experience on a regular basis? Or possible improvements that you have put in place and have made an instant difference?

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