Focus on the clients you already have

SalonIQ GRS Guide

More than likely you will see a big difference in these two numbers. With that in mind you need to be reaching out to the clients on your database and not just your active clients. 

GRS (Guest Retention System) within SalonIQ has been designed to do just that – this system reaches out to your clients that have not rebooked and not got a future appointment with you. 

The beauty of this is that it does not require any of your time once it has been setup as it all runs on auto-pilot 24/7 via SMS and/or email.

As we have hair and beauty salons ourselves we have been able to trial and test various sequences within this system to now get perfect results when it’s running.

We recommended to reach out to your clients around 6 times over 12 months. 

Take a look just below at some of salon results, these results are taken from salons using SalonIQ in 2020.

GRS Results


Now I know what you may be thinking – “I don’t want to offer promotions and discounts all the time or look desperate” and that’s a good thing to be thinking like that, because you certainly do not want to be under valuing your skills or your time. 

Often all it takes is a little nudge or gentle reminder to your clients to make an appointment and they will.

If you are already using SalonIQ you can access the GRS guide and start reaching out to all your clients right away.

Simply email we can send you the guide to set it up yourself  or arrange training  to help you along the way.