UPDATE: Stock App

Manage Your Salon Stock With The Salon iQ Stock App

STOP what you are doing right now!

Stock…ughhh – such a pain staking exercise that takes forever to do when working at front of house.

BUT it is SOOO important to do and get right, you need to ensure your stock count is up to date at all times. Not just to catch any sneaky ones that may be sliding off products from the shelf but to also monitor your stock performance. 

You try to keep it all nice and tidy while you’re counting each product, but you have a whole shelf of products to hide some where whilst you do a stock count, the phone is ringing, clients are wanting to pay their bills and you have an apprentice attempting to help you but they are staring into space dreaming about what they are doing at the weekend.

The pain is real on stock, we know…it can be a long, long process – UNTIL NOW

Salon iQ Stock App – Are You Using It?

DOWNLOAD Stock App from the App Store

DOWNLOAD Stock App from the Play Store

Key Features

– Automatically updates onto your Salon iQ Desktop / Hub

– Can be used on tablets and mobile devices

– Available on iOS and Android

– Barcode scanner pre-installed 

– Product List available for manual search

If you are not using the Stock App yet you need to download it right now, available on both iOS and Android. 

iOS – available from the app store

Android – available form the play store