Salon iQ Webinars

We believe as a Salon owner you should be able to know and understand all parts of your Salon business with the click of a button. Salon iQ Software has a lot to offer your Salon business, so we hold regular live webinars that we record and publish for you to watch in your own time.  

Webinars will continuously be created for you when parts of the software develop to ensure you are kept up to date with the latest salon software technology. 

Salon iQ has an automated marketing system built in for you to use and monitor on a daily basis. To view the client journey post in more detail Click Here
This webinar is one not to miss, the dashboards are a key feature on Salon iQ and allow you to view the total income for services and retail for your salon business.  For a detailed analysis of the dashboards Click Here 

Email Manager on Salon iQ keeps you in control of your emails to your clients. To watch the webinar on email manger Click Here

Online bookings really are a must, our clients are so busy that sometimes the only time they get to plan there life is in the evenings when you are closed.  Deposit again are a must in todays world, salon business's can not afford to not take deposits for large appointments.  Click here to watch our webinar on deposits and online bookings on Salon iQ

Without reports you is very difficult to monitor your Salon Business. Salon iQ software have a huge array of reports that look at every area of your business from till audits to no show reports listing clients that do not turn up for their appointment. 

For an in-depth analysis of some of the Reports available on Salon iQ Click Here 

GDPR - came into effect on 25th May and has been a big shake up on data protection for all business's.

Have you got everything sorted Do you understand what this actually means for your Salon Business?

If you don't, why not watch this short video now and get a better understanding of how to collect data correctly.

For templates and tips on hw to manage GDPR in your salon <a href="">Click Here</a>&nbsp;

The client selections webinars has a number of filters allowing you to specify what data you see and potentially market to with Salon iQ software. Some of the filters you can use are male, female, age group, service spend, retail spend  and last visit to name a few. To watch the client selections webinar Click Here 

Salon iQ - How To

Salon appointment software is the heart of any salon. Salon appointment software must be quick, easy and simple to use, yet be flexible and intuitive.

Here you will find short but informative how-to guides to keep you on track and up to date with your Salon software.

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Hub - How To

The hub is the future of Salon iQ Software.

We have step by step video's on how your Salon can benefit form using the Hub.

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Salon Booking App

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Hair and Beauty Salon Management

Are you searching for the perfect apprentice but struggling? Yo are not alone, be a step ahead of other salons and find out how to recruit 5 star future professionals by clicking here   
Looking after a complaint effectively in your salon can be the make or break of an unhappy client returning to your salon. This done come with experience, however it is something that can be learnt over time by picking up pointers along the way from others in the hair and beauty industry. To find out how to handle complaints effectively your salon Click Here  

Are clients not turning up for their appointments? How much business are you losing in no shows?

We followed one salon who applied a few simples steps and reduced their no shows from 6 to 0 no shows per week. 

Find out how they did it by clicking here


Salon reviews are so important, more so than ever in todays digital world.  We have parted with 2 leading review business to help you gain the crepitation you deserve.  Click here to find out how easy it is to get reviews from your clients all on auto-pilot
I believe education is worth the investment over and over again. Some will believe they no it all in a. short space of time where as others will believe you will never stop learning.  Take a read through our summary on whether we think education is really worth the investment, click here now


iQ Podcasts are small snippets of information related to all things hair and beauty, you may even get some insider information and expecting news on the future of Salon iQ if you stayed tuned for long enough.

I know how difficult it can be implementing deposits within your salon successfully into a hair and beauty. However I feel it is something that our industry really needs to do and be consistent with.  Take a listen to the struggles I face taking deposits - it's not always plain sailing. 

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