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Posted on: May 19, 2016

Using Salon Software in the day to day running of your salon

Salon Software UK

Running a busy hair salon has it’s pros and cons. If you’re busy then that means you’re popular and you obviously do your job well. However, having a successful business is not all down to talent. You also need to be able to run your day-to-day business well. Salon iQ salon sofwtare has helped many salon owners run their business’s more efficinelty. Allowing them to work on their salon business not in their salon business. The busier you get the less time you will have to stay on top of customer needs, the logistically side of the business and effectively manage your staff. Smaller salon owners, particularly, may find it hard to stay well orgganised and often find things slipping out of control.

Here’s a look at some of the difficulties you can face if your salon isn’t well organised.

Salon Appointment Chaos

Ah, the appointment book; indecipherable scribbles, crossed out, rubbed out, re-written. A poorly organised appointment book can lead to embarrassing mistakes such as double-booking a stylist or clients turning up at the wrong time or day and unnecessary empty slots followed by chaotic periods, missed lunches, late finishes and dissatisfied clients who aren’t able to have their preferred stylist.

You can say goodbye to unmanageable appointment books by using simple salon software. It really does take out the stress and confusion of appointments, bookouts, lunch breaks and timings of services.

Many salon software systems also have the ability to track and monitor staff performance as well and generating key reports so you know exatly what your salon business has done and where it is heading.

Wrong Hair Colour

Salon Software UKHand-written notes can go astray or be hard to decipher. Colouring needs precision. If you haven’t got your records up to date, you could find yourself in trouble. Many clients want to frequently change their colour so you need to have accurate records that are quick and easy to refer to.

Salon sofware enables you to record and edit client colour notes. With dates and times so you know exactly what your client had done previously.


In a busy salon, it’s difficult to remember every single client’s likes and dislikes, especially if they don’t come in every week. Detailed client information is essential. From the way they like their coffee to allergies and reactions to particular products. A great deal of chemical-based products are used in salons, so you need to be aware of what ingredients may cause an adverse reaction in a particular client.

Using salon software gives you the reassurance that client records are accurate and kept upto date. On Salon iQ software you have the option to take photos and save them to the clients record card. So you are not just relying on written notes.

Running Out Of Products

Your inventory always needs to be up-to-date. If a client wants to buy a product and you’ve run out, you’ll lose money in a sale and they’ll go and buy an alternative elsewhere.

Salon software has a complete stock control system so you can say goodbye to pages and pages of print outs. Now you have the simple use of a salon software app for your stock control. This really has knocked hours off of salon owners time monitoring stock control in their salon business.

Poor Staff Communication

Problems and grievances with employees need to be addressed. But if you can never find the time for staff meetings and organising appraisals then your business is going to suffer.

Salon software systems can facilitate your day-to-day life and ensure a smooth running business. Appointments, client information, stock controls and staff management can be easily accessed from a computerised system that all employees can understand.

For more information on Salon Software for UK salons, contact SaloniQ today.