Help Eliminate Salon No-Shows with Online Deposits System

Salon Software Helps Stop Clients Not Showing Up For Hair or Beauty Appointments in Salons

As a salon owner, there is nothing more frustrating than clients failing to show up for their appointments. It is not accepted in other industries. It is time to stamp it our in the hair and beauty business. At SaloniQ we believe we have made the first significant step towards doing exactly this.

Salon-iQ’s online booking system can now take deposits or full payments. This will eliminate no-shows on online booking overnight.

The Salon-iQ online and mobile booking is totally customisable to look and feel like your existing website. You can take deposits on all services or specify which services you wish to take a deposit for e.g. all colour services. We recommend setting it at 50% of all services. And together let us make a stand against no-shows and start to educate our clients.

The Salon-iQ booking app is FREE to all Salon iQ customers. To find out more

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