Hair Salon Software

Hair Salon Software

Running a hair salon can be a tricky and time consuming business. Yet, having the right salon software is a sure-fire way to make it all that little bit easier. Professional salon software solution, SalonIQ is the ideal answer when you need to run and grow your salon business.

Easy Appointment Management

All of your key information in one place with colour co-ordination to make managing appointments simple and efficient. From online bookings through to client birthdays, requests, and stylist timings, SalonIQ appointment management software will give you everything you need to run your salon as smoothly and as easily as possible.

Online & Mobile Booking for Salons

As customers become busier, they are seeking shortcuts wherever they can find them. That’s why online booking for salons is becoming a necessity. This is where SalonIQ can help. With just a few buttons to set up on your website and Facebook page, you can be taking bookings whilst you sleep!

Hair Salon Marketing

SalonIQ boasts industry leading technology in automatic hair salon marketing. Once your system is set up, you’ll have a stream of new customers coming through your door without having to put any effort in yourself. Watch as your business grows with SalonIQ’s salon marketing software.

New Heart of your Hair Salon

Salon Software, when used correctly is the ideal answer to running your salon business effectively. Salon software from SalonIQ is a comprehensive Salon Software solution, giving your salon business everything that you need to run your salon – all in one place!

Hair Salon Software for all levels…

New Startups

If you are opening a hair or beauty salon for the first time it can be a daunting (and exciting time) . Getting the right computer can make all the difference between success and failure. Intelligent salons software – Salon-iQ, will streamline your salon business and nurture it as it grows. As your business develops, our software will help you grow putting parts of your business on auto-pilot.

New To Technology

A scary step for some owners, do not worry you will be amazed at how quickly you can get up and running, in no time the system will be saving you time, and helping you manage your business simply and efficiently. Step into the modern world and your customers will love you for it! Making it easier for them to book appointments, they’ll be coming back again and again.

Experienced Owners

Upgrading from older systems A large number of hair salons are already computerised, some for many years. Technology changes, those systems that were good five or ten years ago are dinosaurs in today’s terms and will be extinct soon! New technology is a must to keep the competitive advantage. It is time for change and to see what the latest technology has to offer.