Bank Holidays Good or Bad for Salon Business

Good or Bad for business

Opening on a bank holiday – is this good or bad for business?

With half the team usually in the salon and shorter opening hours, it can seem like you are losing a whole day of business.
However thorough planning in advance can see all your team fully booked, after all the majority of office workers, bankers, city goers are off on bank holidays?

– At the beginning of each year it is a good idea to plan your bank holiday roster to ensure it is split evenly between all your team members. This also helps when your stylists/therapists rebook there clients 6-8 weeks in advance. If you haven’t done this yet do so now.

Your team will avoid booking their clients in on these days if they are unsure if they are working or not.

– Advertise your bank holiday opening hours on you website straight away.

– Start promoting and shouting about your salon opening hours 4-6 weeks in advance of the date, this can be using social media platforms, e-blast, sms blast and of course word of mouth in the salon.

Ensure your whole team are fully aware of the hours you are open and of course if you are closed on certain bank holidays.

Do you open or close for bank holidays?

Is it a struggle to get bookings made in advance?

How do you get your team behind ensuring they are fully booked for these particular days?

We would love to know what you do…