Salon Software for Groups of Salons


SalonIQ brings the first and most advanced group salon software that caters for multi-location salon management. Owning multiple salons has never been easier to manage than with SalonIQ software with a huge range of exciting and useful features.


Observe all of your stylists across your salon group with our easy to use team dashboard. In instant real-time, keep track of each member of the team, ranked according to their Key Performance Indicator (KPI)


Find a simple and efficient overview of all of your salons in one place with your group salon dashboard. Instantly compare how each salon is performing in a range of aspects from trend KPI, to rebooking rates, and retails % client counts.


One central client database means client records are easily visible across multiple sites. What’s more, you can select individual salons and client groups for your salon marketing efforts so you know you are targeting the right crowd.


Offer your clients a bonus for loyalty with gift cards that can be used at any of your locations. You’ll see a boom in customers as they not only return again and again but also refer you to their friends for your rewards systems. What’s more, with our advanced group salon system, you’ll be able to hand out high quality loyalty cards that can be used across your entire salon group at any location.


Group salon stock control boasts a range of useful features that make stock management a breeze. Our system gives you total visibility of stocks across multiple sites which makes time consuming tasks like global price changes quick and easy.


Streamlining group salons can be a necessity for busy salon owners. That’s why our advanced group salon software has a number of features that are perfect for managing multiple site salons like full call centre functionality and a multi-salon appointment center.