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British Hairdressing Awards 2019

23rd July 2019 | By samsaloniq

It’s that time of year and we have some of our great Salons in the final of the British Hairdressing Awards 2019 According to HJI all entries were submitted online this year which is a first…so we must be heading to the digital world more and more. We are so proud to be able to […]

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Accept Online Bookings in Your Salon

24th June 2019 | By samsaloniq

Making appointments online in hair and beauty salons is a MUST! Allowing your clients to book when they want to WILL increase your bookings and salon utilisation. Furthermore our clients actually expect it, as you probably already know many of us seem to live on our mobile devices these days.  The latest statistics provided by […]

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What is Care Factor?

4th June 2019 | By samsaloniq

Do you use care factor in your hair and beauty salon? Care factor is a great way for monitoring home care sales in your hair and beauty salon. We ensure care factor is available on both the salon and team dashboards on Salon iQ.  How is care factor calculated? You have 10 guests in your […]

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Integrate Your Card Payments

29th May 2019 | By samsaloniq

CARD PAYMENTS HAVE JUST GOT EASIER If your not into saving money then this is not for you.. Salon iQ have been on a year long mission on finding ways of making your salon end of day banking easier. Gone are the days of staying behind after hours and trying to work out why your […]

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Salon Contact Details

10th April 2019 | By samsaloniq

Salon Contact Details Form Have you ever needed to get hold of a client, you then dial the number and realise there is a digit missing or you notice the @ or .  is in the wrong place?  When you have a couple of minutes please log into the Hub and enter your contact details. […]

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Booking Conflicts

9th April 2019 | By samsaloniq

Do you have bookings that need looking at? Booking conflicts are a great tool accessed via the Appointment Dashboard on the Hub. This area will list any appointments that have been made but clash with another booking, bookout or schedule at the same time.  What are the benefits of using Booking Conflicts? – Give plenty […]

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Jan – Mar 2019 Industry Averages

2nd April 2019 | By samsaloniq

How have you found the first quarter of 2019? Have you reached the targets you had set for the first 3 months? We have the first quarter of 2019 now complete and our industry averages for January, February and March are in. How do you compare? To view your own salon averages on Salon iQ […]

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Top 10 Benefits Of Using SMS In Your Salon

22nd February 2019 | By samsaloniq

2 Way Texting in Hair and Beauty Salons 2 way text messaging is the ability to send and receive SMS messages to and from your clients. 1 way messaging means you can only send SMS messages but not receive. Text messaging has become part of our lifestyle, we are never far away from our mobiles.  […]

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5 Tips To Stop No Shows In Your Salon

19th February 2019 | By samsaloniq

What are you doing about NO SHOWS in your salon? Are you on top of controlling how many clients are not turning up for appointments? No shows can be a huge burden to a salon if you do not realise the cost they have on your business.  So, how can you reduce the number of […]

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Best Tablet for Salon Software – SalonIQ

15th February 2019 | By davidlevine

Choosing the right tablet to use in your salon is an important decision. Remember it is your business, it is your livelihood, it is paramount to get the best Tablet for the job. And the best around at the moment are the iPad Pros. Our recommendation is get best, so go for either an iPad […]

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Beauty Salons – 2018 in Numbers

30th January 2019 | By samsaloniq

Beauty Salons 2018 in Numbers Do you want an idea of where your salon is sitting compared to other beauty salons? The beauty industry is booming with more and more of us taking care of our skin and having a bit more ‘self care’ time. In this post we are looking at 5 areas from […]

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Hair Salons – 2018 in Numbers

29th January 2019 | By samsaloniq

Hair Salon Stats for 2018 How was 2018 for you? With so much data at our fingertips we can really look into what is going on in the hair and beauty industry across the UK. We have looked at 5 key areas for HAIR SALONS 2018… 1. Average Services Bill 2. Average Retail Bill 3. […]

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