Online Bookings & Deposits Webinar

We hope you enjoyed the webinar this morning on deposits and online bookings.

As always we record all video’s so you can watch it in your own time just below.

Online bookings really are a must for you hair and beauty salon. Many industry’s such as restaurants, hotels theatre all allow you to book online.

There are many ways you can use deposits in your salon. Some choose to only have deposits on an appointment that is over a certain duration. Perhaps you will only have deposits on creating services such as all colour appointments. What ever you decide make sure you stick to it – consistence os key to avid confusion with your clients.

Top tip always remember if you are implementing deposits into your hair or beauty salon make sure your whole team understand the process of taking a deposit and when to take the deposit, particularly if you you are only asking for them on certain services.

In this webinar we show you how to set-up online bookings via the hub. (The hub is great to use on mobile and tablet devices as well as a desktop if you wish.)

Having online bookings activated with Salon iQ always means you have marketing information that is gold dust…watch the video above now to find out why.

To access the settings on the iQ hub ensure you have the correct security level first.

As mentioned in the video we are in the process of creating 3 unique hub webinars, designed to kick start your journey on the Salon iQ hub. Stay tuned!