Contact your Clients through SMS for Christmas

Contact your Clients through SMS for Christmas

Quick & Easy Text Messages for Customer Retention using Salon Software from SaloniQ

So we have 6 weeks left until the big day, then it’s CHRISTMAS time.

Your appointment availability should really be few and far between by now for the month of December.

If they are not then NOW is the time to start targeting all those clients that have not yet got an appointment. The quickest and most effective way to do this is by sending an SMS.

Remember when done correctly sending out an SMS can have as much as a 97% open rate.

Benefits from SMS Marketing
– Almost instant communication with your clients
– Direct and fast
– Cost effective
– Increase customer engagement levels
– High open rate
– High conversion rate
– Opt In and Opt Out option
– Choose when to send SMS
– All automated
– Short (160 characters) encourages you to stick to the point

With Salon iQ you are able to monitor the performance of an SMS blast that you send out.

Examples of SMS you can send

‘It’s not too late. We still have appointments available in December. Call us now to secure your appointment 01234 567891’

‘Look fabulous this Christmas and book your appointment in now. Call 01234 567890’

‘We’d love to see you before Christmas. Call us now to make your hair/beauty appointment 01234 567890’

‘There’s still time to make your hair appointment in time for Christmas. Call us now 01234 567890’

‘Make sure you’re looking gorgeous for the festive season. Call us now 01234 567890 to book your appointment’

If you are a Salon iQ user you can target specific clients based on the filters you select through the communications feature within the software.

To do this in Salon iQ go to:
1. Menu
2. Communications
3. Client Selections
4. Choose the filters from the right hand side menu
5. Click on ‘get client count’ at the bottom of the screen
6. Click on save