Any salon owner knows that managing stock and salon stock control is key to a salon’s profitability. Salon-iQ gives you all the tools you need to easily monitor and manage your retail and professional stock.

Salon-iQ provides a simple and effective salon stock control system. Attach a low cost barcode scanner to your system, and manage stock like a pro.

Automatic and Replenishment Orders

Salon-iQ’s Salon Stock Control System lets you choose – reorder stock based on minimum levels, or what the salon has used. When goods are received they can quickly be updated with a single click to “receive all”

salon booking system
salon booking system

Stock Dashboard

It is simple, all Salon-iQ’s salon stock control is managed  in one simple to use stock dashboard. Your valuable salon stock is in good hands with Salon-iQ

Stock counts and Stock Takes

To control salon stock effectively it is important to do regular stock checks. So whether it is a full stock count or just a quick spot check we have you covered.

Key Stock Information and advanced reporting

Ranking reports, dead stock, valuations, key stock reporting to help you control your stock more effectively.

With the Salon-iQ salon stock control system we have eliminated stock wastage, and stock slippage.

salon booking system

Good salon stock control can make the difference to whether your salon is profitable. Take control of your salon retail and professional stock with Salon-iQ. Maximize profits with better stock control and analysis systems. Simple to use.