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Salon Stock Control

Successful salon stock control is key to a salon’s profitability. Easily monitor and manage your retail and professional stock.

Salon Stock Control

Salon stock control is one of the most important aspects of running any busy salon. Most of all because it has an impact on the profitability of the salon. If you are finding that salon stock control is difficult for you, why not see if you can use SaloniQ to run it for you.

Designed to be an effective solution to salon stock control, this piece of salon software allows you to monitor and manage your retail and professional stock levels with ease.

The salon stock control software is simple to use and gives you everything that you need to manage stock just as well as you are able to transform your clients.

Some of the key features of the SaloniW salon stock control system includes automatic and replenishment orders, allowing you to set when an order is made, including minimum levels and what has been most used. You will also have access to a salon stock control dashboard, where you will find everything that you need to know about your stock levels, all in one place. Easy to read, easy to monitor and easy to manage. Just the way salon stock control should be.


Quick & Easy Replenishment

Our automatic salon stock control monitors and manages your stocks to let you know when you need to reorder. You can then choose whether to order stock based on minimum levels, or what the salon has actually used. Once goods are received they can quickly be updated in the system with a single click of “receive all”.


Stock Control Dashboard

To help you and your staff manage your stocks with ease, SalonIQ provides a dashboard that gives a quick overview of your stock levels. This makes it quick and simple to manually edit your stock, place new orders, and keep track of how your stock is working from one month to the next.


Simple Stock Takes

Continuously checking your stock levels is incredibly important to make sure you’re never left without the materials you need. That’s why SalonIQ stock control system helps with both full stock takes and quick spot checks to make sure you’re always covered.


Advanced Stock Reports

Ranking reports, dead stock, valuations, and key stock reporting are just some of the many ways in which SalonIQ stock control system helps you manage your stocks. Eliminating the risk of stock wastage or stock slippage, our stock control system makes stock management more efficient.

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