Salon Client Referral, Recommend a Friend, Send a Friend, spread the word. Salon Referrals are the best and most cost effecitive way to build a salon business. Salon-iQ is designed to maximise referrals and reward the referring clients. Simple and proven.

New Clients on Autopilote

Automate your salon client referral system with Salon-iQ’s GAS Guest Attraction System. Turbo boost your salon referrals exploitng text and email marketing.
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salon booking system

Automatically Reward Referring Client

Salon-iQ will automaticall send a thank you text to the referring client and apply an automatic promotion on their record card.

Show Me the Money

With Salon-iq’s client referral system, you know how well your client referrals are working. T he GAS dashboard, shows you exactly how many new clients and how much revenue you have received.
salon booking system

Salon Client Referral system

The best way to attract new clients is by recommendation from existing clients. Only GAS, the Guest Attraction System from Salon-iQ is designed to do exactly this. Simple proven systems that work!