Salon Appointment Software

Salon appointment software is the heart of any salon. Salon appointment software must be quick, easy and simple to use, yet be flexible and intuitive.  Salon-iQ team have been in the  salon scheduling market for over 20 years. And therefore Salon-iQ is probably the best salon scheduling software on the market today.

Appointment Page

The Salon appointment page has all your key information regarding the clients appointment. Online Booking Birthdays, requests, timings, new, etc are all clearly marked on the appointment.
salon appointment management
salon appointment management

Salon Appointment Book Options

We know colours are often a personal preference, so users can select from a dark or light theme, and then can customise the appointment colours, colour the whole salon appointment, customise appointment book background, appointment book-outs etc. We give the user all the tools toget it looking just right for them.

Detailed Client Record Cards

Delivering professional service, means keeping clear and accurate client records. Colour and Technical Notes, Skin Tests, Client Images, History, likes and dislikes all at the click of a button.
salon appointment software

Key Indicators on the salon appointment show vital information

  • Booking Alerts
  • Birthdays
  • New Client
  • Missing Details
  • Online Booking etc.
Salon Software

Quickly Move, Edit or Reschedule Appointments

  • Drag and Drop Appointments
  • Resize
  • Reschedule
  • Repeat
Salon Software

Roster Team

  • Working Hours
  • Holiday
  • Sick
  • Not Working
  • Book Outs
Salon Software
  • Online Appointments
  • Move Copy Stretch Appointments
  • Repeat Appoinments
  • Rebook appointments
  • Standby Lists
  • Key Appointment Indicators
  • Customise Colours
  • Deposits
  • Account Sales
  • Family Bills
  • Promotions
  • Retail Sales
  • Multiple Payment Types
  • Walk In Sales
  • Detailed Client Records
  • Client Images
  • Client Notes
  • Client History
  • Skin  Tests
  • Referral Tracking
  • Client Communication Tracking