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Online Booking For Clients

Your clients can now book appointments online via computer, tablet, or mobile making them more likely to use your salon.

Online Booking for Salons

The modern world is an online place and this means that online booking for salons is vital. Your clients will expect you to be able to offer them a comprehensive online booking for salons service, allowing them to quickly book their own appointments whenever they need to.

The SaloniQ online booking for salons feature is reliable, fast and easy to use. Best of all, as it is a cloud based online booking for salons software, it doesn’t matter if your salon computer is turned on or off. Clients can click on the website and book their appointments.

It isn’t just online booking for salons that the SaloniQ can offer. The software is also suitable for mobile booking too. Meaning that clients can book in with your salon, no matter where they are. Another sure-fire way to attract clients back and entice new ones to use your service.

Security is always a concern with any business, the SaloniQ online booking for salons software is completely secure and safe to use. Keeping your business, and your clients information protected.

Booking Online

As customers become busier, they are seeking shortcuts wherever they can find them. That’s why online booking is becoming a necessity for salons. This is where SalonIQ can help. With just a few buttons to set up on your website and Facebook page, you can be taking bookings whilst you sleep!

Example buttons

Click to open widget
Click to add Men’s Cut and Finish to selected services
Click to open widget on login page (if logged in, main menu is displayed instead)
Click to open widget, go to giftcards (if logged in) and click “Buy a gift card”

Risk Free Bookings

You can rest assured that your online system will link up to your in-salon software without a hitch. That means there is no risk of double booking or syncing errors. And, as SalonIQ software is cloud based, your clients can book their appointments even if your computer is turned off.

Mobile Booking

Making sure your Salon is available online 24/7 is now a breeze with SalonIQ’s online mobile booking system. Your mobile friendly booking app can be installed by your customers for instant access to their appointment bookings. What’s more, as it is based on the internet, it is compatible with all smart phones for all clients.

Beautifully Customisable

Not only will the online booking system revolutionize your salon, it is also totally customisable to fit in with your existing website! You can also choose whether to take payments online and stop no-shows and late-cancellations once and for all.

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