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How is the NMW and NLW effecting your salon?

14th February 2017 | By Sam Kendall
How is the NMW and NLW effecting your salon? The reputation of the hair and beauty industry has always been that stylists and therapists get paid a low wage. According to recent figures released by NHF (National Hairdressers Federation) this does not appear to be the case anymore. Has the National Living Wage effected your [...]
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Salon Recruitment – Successfully Recruit Team Players

31st January 2017 | By Sam Kendall
Hiring and firing is the easy bit, right? It’s getting the CV’s through the door that is the hard part. Recruitment for the hair and beauty industry always seems a bit of a struggle and never clear cut on where to go and what to do to ensure you have the best team working in [...]
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Effective Salon Team Appraisals

23rd April 2016 | By David Levine
To grow and keep a good team you need systems. One vital system is a regular and consistent review process for team performance, otherwise known as a 1-2-1 Holding effective 121's is the way to motivate and manage team members in a way that brings out the best in someone. 121's should be a positive [...]
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Running Effective Salon Team Meetings

7th April 2016 | By David Levine
Salon Team Meetings Any business requires good team communications. Regular 1-2-1 appraisals and regular team meetings are an integral part of this. A weekly salon team meeting allows you you communicate important notices, review the past week and plan the week ahead. Here is a quick guide to running effective team meetings. First set the [...]
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Developing a Winning Salon Culture

22nd March 2016 | By David Levine
Salon Culture I first heard the term Salon Culture about 15 years ago, back then I did not really understand what it meant. Now I understand it is the very essence of any Salon Business, it is the very core of what makes a salon successful or not. Where does this culture come from? Only [...]
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Modelling For Salon Success

19th March 2016 | By David Levine
Salon Success It is amazing how people seem to find it so hard to find "success".  Success is easy if toy follow these four simple steps: Define what success means for you Put a strategy or plan together to achieve your success Make sure you really want this success and you have no hidden conflicts. [...]
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The Perfect Salon Consultation

15th March 2016 | By saloniq
Happy Customers and less Complaints with a Perfect Salon Consultation A perfect salon consultation is not easy, the team member needs to analyze a lot of information quickly, they need to listen, they need to understand the requirements and they need to confirm back in detail what they are planning to do.  They need to [...]
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Salon Communication

14th November 2015 | By saloniq
What makes a Great Salon Owner, Stylist or Therapist? Technical skill is only a small fraction of what makes a good therapist or stylist, and what influences a client on whether they should return not. Salon communication skills are often overlooked. Good communication skills can compensate for an average therapist or stylist. An average stylist [...]
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The Right Salon Manager

10th November 2015 | By saloniq
How to choose the right salon manager Selecting the right person to manage your salon is a big decision. The right person will help insure a successful salon, the wrong wrong one and it can cost you your salon. The majority of salon owners pick their top stylist or therapist and promote them to Manager. [...]
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